They say if you are specific about what you want in life and try to visualize it, you have a better chance of achieving it.

When it comes to achieving positive ROI on marketing campaigns and business strategies, goals have to be very well defined.


They have to be:

Specific with well defined objectives. Make sure that your goals are well planned and well defined. It is good practice to list them.

Such goals have to be Measurable. Campaigns must have the appropriate tools and methods to measure the impact. Careful identifications of KPI is crucial and should be planned ahead. When we measure, we look for trends and improvements.

Attainable; While it is good to shoot for the moon and motivate the troops, when it comes to dollars and profits, make your goal realistic so that you and your team can attain them. Aim to make small consistent progress.

Relevant goals will keep you focused on your company’s vision while increasing your ROI. Goals should be in line with your vision and your products

Goals need to be Time Bound. Set a specific time frame that is reasonable. and after which, enough data can be collected for you to measure the success ratio of your campaigns.

At Webivores we have long term vision and we set Quarterly goals.

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