Ever wondered how your  website is doing with respect to your competitors?

It is not necessary obvious to the untrained eye to understand the performance of a website.

In this article, our Webivores will provide you with a few pointers to look for when gauging the strength of a competitor.

The site user experience is definitely a good indicator, especially if you are in the business of onsite conversions, e.g. e-commerce websites.

Social Media presence can be an indicator. It depends also on their global marketing strategy. Smaller companies sometimes focus on fewer platforms with higher conversions.

Reputation and testimonials provide you with valuable information.

Here are a couple of links to sources that can help you measure the traffic of your competitors. Look for organic traffic, and for user engagement. Typically time on site, number of pages and bounce rate among others. Look for trends in organic traffic.

1- Alexa by Amazon, offers a free tool. But most of the fun stuff requires a membership fee. Take a glance at their free tool it may be helpful.  Alexa Tool

 2- Similarweb have a user friendly tool for measuring traffic as well. Check it out here: SimilarWEB

Many other tools exist to help you.

Don’t forget to simply do a Google search on them.

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