Want to get more followers on Instagram?

Here are four effective tips to achieve your goal:

1 - Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to attract a larger audience. In fact, posts on Instagram with hashtags get more engagement than others for they reach even more users. Moreover, not only do hashtags allow you to reach a larger audience but also to target a specific group of followers. By searching for hashtags you will be able to see which ones are the most popular and what type of followers use them in order to choose the ones that suit you.

Instagram Hashtags

2 - Contests

Running a contest on Instagram is a great way to attract new followers while also increasing your engagement: you’ll quickly get new followers and lots of engagement on your post. You can advertise your contest on your website, newsletter and other social networks and attract those followers from your other media to your Instagram account.

3- Cross Promotions

Doing cross-promotions is a good way to take advantage of another account’s audience. By running a promotion on your account as well as on someone else’s, you will both attract each other’s audience to your own account! It’s important to choose the right influencer or company to partner with for this promotion to make sure their followers have interest in your content and fit your target audience

How to get more Instagram followers in 2021 - 3

4 - Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are very effective in reaching a much larger audience and targeting very precisely who will see your ads. In addition, the format of ads on Instagram is native since it blends in with other organic publications. This makes the ads much more subtle since they look like other regular posts.

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