In the age of information, people are less gullible.

Do you embellish your products with false acclamation? ethical marketing requires you to advertise them for what they really are.

Ethical Marketing, Quality over Quantity 1
Ethical Marketing, Quality over Quantity 2

Instead of labeling a full fat chocolate bar as nutritious, companies are better off advertising it for what it really is; an occasional treat that is to be sold with full disclaimer.

As an example, such chocolate company is better off offering smaller packages and sugar free versions of their products than trying to convince people that all of their products are not harmful.

In a previous article, we covered the Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola models. How these giants had to diversify their portfolio and acquire healthier products.

They also adapted their advertising strategies and transitioned to more ethical advertising techniques. (click on the previous link to go to the article)

When you start being honest about your products, you can start seeing opportunity in product differentiation aka niches.

If you have products that are not healthy, try to acquire some that are.

That being said, by being honest you may have less clients. But you will have the faithful ones that are buying your products for what they are.

These are your quality clients and your target audience.

Ethical Marketing, Quality over Quantity 3

Talk to them, love them and engage them. Create a fan group for them if you can, and learn as much as you can on their behavior. A retention plan is important.

You can also find some creative ways to up-sell them products that are complimentary to yours.

Today, I see more companies transitioning from conventional outbound marketing to an ethical model. They do it out of belief, for the environment, for sustainability and to increase their bottom line.

Now is the right time to shift your strategy.

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